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"Made in China" [09 May 2015|07:50pm]

For those that don't/avoid buying products that were made in China for whatever reasons (sweatshops, child labor, quality/chemicals, etc)....

Do you also not buy from those "made in Thailand" or "made in Cambodia", etc?

Is there a guideline to this? I'm new to this and greatly confused!

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Hourly wage of freelance art jobs. [13 Dec 2012|01:36am]

Hello, everybody out there. Please help me out on this uncertainty, if you can.

How do you caculate how much is a fair hourly  wage for certain type of arts in freelance illustration and concept design lines in USA? I mean whether there is an accurate formula to define it, or is it also nigotiable based on different situations? This kind of jobs usally charge for single piece of work. Is there a universal measurement among all first world countries? In china we commonly wouldn't mention the idea which is named hourly wage in fact. So there are only prices set for single piece of submissions. If needed, The hourly salary can only be estimated approximately according to average effitiency of most artists and 8 hours per day. Do you use that rough way of caculation in this aspect too?

Let's cite an example. How much for a page of story-board art is fine to match the rank $15 per hour? What will the number be also to match $15 per hour, if the
category is cover art (per page) or character design (per character)? Thanks.

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Great bargain? [03 Aug 2012|07:22am]

Here's another one Id like feedback on. *smiles*


Yay or nay?

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Good add?? [17 Jul 2012|08:58am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Please give your opinion on this add. I have not sold anything on Ebay in yrs, so if you think something should be changed, TELL me please!! Could use any input. If you like it just the way it is, you can let me know that too. Thanks for your help guys!


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[31 Dec 2011|05:43pm]



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Nice!! [24 Dec 2011|08:36am]

ATTENTION MEN... would YOU like to see this on a woman? Is this too sexy for your taste, or not sexy enough, or just fine? Would you like to see this on YOUR woman? Just looking for public input on a dress like this...


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[18 Sep 2011|09:43am]

I just want to see what your opintions are of getting wasted for your 21 birthday and so drunk you give a lap dance? Peronally, I think its cute, but what do you guys think???

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Not sure what to do? [15 Jul 2011|02:14pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]


I’ve just figured out why I’m down, but I don’t know whether to say anything. Theres been all sorts of reasons i've come up with; i'm depressed, it's because i've been bullied for so long, it's because i'm scared about college...

Firstly i don't know whether to say anything because every time I think I’ve figured out what’s wrong with me another theory appears or holes appear meaning it can’t be right.

Secondly because I’m pretty much certain that if this is right, I doubt there’s anything that can be done.

I think that instead of being afraid of going to college or worrying that my Mum’s going to be pushing me, I think I am afraid of life, of normal, boring, harsh, everyday life.

Think like John in the new Sherlock; his hands shake and he limps when he’s doing normal things, but he’s fine when he’s in stressful conditions. I can’t help but think if I had some sort of unusual life I wouldn’t be down, I wouldn’t feel like I couldn’t handle everything.

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[13 Feb 2011|09:57am]

 can any one tell me how to post to my journal from my cell phone? The only option I found in 'mobile' was to 'voice post', in which I dont want.

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[07 Feb 2011|10:39pm]



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[07 Feb 2011|09:57pm]



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[02 Feb 2011|06:08pm]

 Here's another great phone I think...what is your experience with it, if you have one? I need a phone still for my son. This is a trusted seller, of course, with 100% feeback, so that's not a worry, its the phone in question. I havent got any advice from the other phone that was in question though either...so i would appreciate some thoughts.

this is the phone...


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[30 Jan 2011|03:36pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

 Im wondering, does anyone out there have any experience with this kind of phone? Can you give me your input for it? 


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teenage trouble [22 Nov 2010|10:49am]

 14 yr old was living with his dad since he was 3. His dad and step mom did not teach him any responsibility. He has never done laundry, dishes, never cleaned his room, NOTHING...and i MEAN nothing! Now he has been handed to me because they cant take what they made him to be.....stuck up, arogant, sloth that knows nothing about how to grow up. this is my delema. how do teach an older dog new tricks?

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HELP ME [26 Jun 2010|10:06am]

[ mood | crappy ]

OK I really need some advice.

The other day my boyfriend Jason saw me talking to me ex, but he didn't hear what I was saying, I was talking t Paul (the ex) because he was talking shit about my boyfriend and me. So then Jason broke up with me, the next day I wrote him a note I asked him to please not rip it up, He didn't say if he would or not, he just told me that I had better get to group ( this was at the methadone clinic) so today when I got to the clinic Jason was already gone. I have no idea if he read it or if he forgives me. You guys I really, really love tis guy. I've been waiting for almost 2 years to get with him. Up until the day of the fight everything was going great we hung out almost every single day. We loved being with each oher we ever even talking about going ona little vacation with each other. I think part of this has to do with his asshole best friend telling him things. What I need to know is wha to do. I really want him back in my life, to be mine again. SO I need advice in how to do that without seeming crazy or like a stalker. I just really miss him. No one in this wrold has made me feel like he does, hes the first guy that I have felt comfortable enough to be myself around. Any advice on how to get him back would be greatly appriceated. Thanks in advance.

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[27 Mar 2010|10:45am]

[ mood | blank ]

I'm very much at a loss with my husband right now. I don't know what to do. I have the same typical story that every Marine has. Yes, I am a female Marine and I'm married to a civilian. Doesn't happen very often. Anyways. Everything was perfect....until......Collapse )

In every way it was perfect. First off you should know both him and I are only 20 years old. I'm very mature for my age and I thought he was as well, but obviously not. We started dating as juniors in high school. We were best friends and then realized we liked each other. We clicked right away and dated for about 2 1/2 years. Then one day I came home (we were living together) and I said I need to be a Marine. He actually said he had been thinking about joining for a while and we were going to join together. Our jobs would have worked out perfectly together. Anyways this is December of 2008 when we both joined. We knew we were going to get split up if we didn't get married. We were already talking about it, so we figured alright. Let's do this. June 2009 we get married. I was scheduled to leave for boot camp in Sept. and him in Nov. July 2009, he tells me he doesn't want to leave anymore. Leaving me like wtf?? Let's not forget he was working at Wendys at the time, and still is!!

So I figure oh well. I cant make him want to join, I'm not going to make the kid miserable. So i leave for boot camp in Sept like I was supposed to. I thought about nothing but him. When I couldn't push any harder, I thought of him. He was my motivation for getting through that hell hole. Everything I did in boot camp, I did for him and for us. The hardest part of boot camp, was missing him. I wrote him damn near every day. Each chance I got on my one hour a night if i wasn't squaring away my shit or practicing drill I was writing him. I lived for mail call hoping there would be a letter from him. First month I was gone, there was a letter at least 2x a week. Then one day I get a letter saying that he moved in with like 3 of his friends. A party house. And then I don't hear from him again. At all.

I fly home. He picks me up from the airport. Now, he didn't have a car so I let him drive my Honda while I was gone. Guess what. He got a DUI and totaled my Honda in the process. After he had promised me he would never drink and drive, because I was worried about that. I think god damn. Oh well. I can forgive him, I've been gone too long to let this ruin us. Plus, I had full coverage insurance so I was good to go. I call the insurance, he didn't pay a single insurance bill while i was gone. Luckily I had tons of money in the bank to take care of it. Thank God. So I get the money from the insurance and I got a newer and better car. :] Worked out right?

So...a month of me being home and then I had to go to Marine Combat Training (MCT). He wasn't allowed to drive my car because hey, he got a DUI in the last one and totaled it and not to mention they suspended his license. The new car I got is a BMW 328i. Definitely don't want that wrecked, it's my baby. He was supposed to take the car to my mom's after he dropped me off at the airport. I also left him my debit card from my civilian bank account so he could buy a car cover for my car since it was supposed to be just sitting out. I finally get out of MCT and I get a call from my mom saying "Matt never brought the car to me..." I call him, and he says he'll take care of it. I'm now at my MOS school. Him and I are on complete opposite sides of the country. I get a call from my recruiter saying "Listen...it's none of my business but Marines take care of Marines. Good to go? Your husband is driving your car, and I'm hearing other things as well." 

Matt denies everything. I call his best friend and his best friend says they aren't even friends anymore because Matt has completely changed. He drove my BMW multiple times, and not only that but he drove it home drunk a couple times. And then the heart wrenching news....the whole time I was at boot camp (3 months) and then again when i was at MCT (1 month)  and still to this day....he's been cheating on me. Know something else? I get a letter from my bank, that debit card I let him use...It had $700 in it when i left. Guess how much it had when i checked it? -235. I didnt spend any of it...it was all him. I confronted him and he tried telling me that he only used it for gas so it couldn't have been. I was staring right at my statement, I could see everywhere he made a transaction. Asshole. Bull shit. until......Collapse ) 

Anyways...I'm really contemplating divorce. I can't do this. I deserve better and I can get so much better. Only thing is everytime I go to pick up the phone to call him. I chicken out. I love the man. But he's not good for me. I dont know what to do. How do I tell him I want a divorce? How do I get the courage?

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love [25 Mar 2010|10:53am]

the thought of love.

i don't know how i feel about loving someone. As it happens, it feels so good, yet it can hurt so bad. is there a such thing as a love addict when i don't want to be in love but i do love and i love too much?

there's a brain worker. what is your view on love?

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First post, long term problem [14 Oct 2009|09:29pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

So, I'm sure this is a relatively minor problem, compared to almost all of yours, but it's still a problem nonetheless. It's kinda complex to write out, so bear with me, please.

The longer version of my problemCollapse )
Summary of Problem: How do I deal with this? My friends are splitting because some don't agree with the less-controlled friends outbursts. She's getting hurt and she's driving everyone insane, whether she means it or not. And I just know I have to do something about it. But I don't know what, or how to go about it.

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New FREE service for air travellers [23 Sep 2009|07:01pm]



Just want to let you all know about an exciting new FREE global service - AeroStatus!

What do you do to get a flight status information like:
- if the flight departed and when
- if there is any delay
- when it is expected to arrive, etc?

Usually people call airports or airlines or go online to get flight information, which is costly, especially when roaming, takes a lot of time, and is sometimes not possible at all due to lack of Internet access or language barriers. Even with all the advances in mobile communication technology, most people find it difficult and inconvenient to get even basic information like the time of departure or arrival or details of any delays as there is no single source of information. With AeroStatus this situation changed forever.

Now if you need to get information about any flight in the world, do not look for the airline or airport information service, do not spend time in the internet, do not spend money to call customer service - use AeroStatus!

It’s extremely simple to use - simply send a text message containing the flight number (e.g. JL11) from your phone to the global access number +44 7786 209009 (or other country-specific numbers, depending on the customer’s mobile network) and in a few short moments you will receive the real-time status of the flight, containing information such as the time of departure, arrival, any delays, as well as the relevant gate or terminal where available. And all this in your preferred language, which you select by yourself.

In addition, it is possible to request automatic flight status updates which will alert you instantly should the status change in any way. All you have to do is add a question mark to the end of the flight number in the request message (e.g. JL11?). After that one request, you will receive all further updates, including any delays, confirmation of departure, updated expected arrival times, and confirmation of arrival, upon completion of the flight.

In order to use the service using mobile email, the request simply needs to be sent to status@aerostatus.com as described above.

Using AeroStatus doesn’t cost you a single penny - you simply send one regular text message (just as you would send to a friend) with the flight number and that's it – you simply pay for the cost of one standard SMS - no short codes, no premium numbers, no extra charges! AeroStatus doesn't make money on you!

AeroStatus is available in all countries and supports almost every airline in the world.

From now on all you have to do is to remember just one number for any flight anywhere in the world!

Please feel free to tell your friends, relatives, colleagues about AeroStatus.

For more details visit www.aerostatus.com

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New & looking for friends & advice [08 Oct 2008|12:45pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Hi guys. I’m new to this community and i am making friends. I am going threw a tough time in my marriage. I don’t want to write everything again but if anyone is interested on giving some advice my journal is public and I will take any advice I can get. Thank you.

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