transferbay (transferbay) wrote in advice_for_free,

Hourly wage of freelance art jobs.

Hello, everybody out there. Please help me out on this uncertainty, if you can.

How do you caculate how much is a fair hourly  wage for certain type of arts in freelance illustration and concept design lines in USA? I mean whether there is an accurate formula to define it, or is it also nigotiable based on different situations? This kind of jobs usally charge for single piece of work. Is there a universal measurement among all first world countries? In china we commonly wouldn't mention the idea which is named hourly wage in fact. So there are only prices set for single piece of submissions. If needed, The hourly salary can only be estimated approximately according to average effitiency of most artists and 8 hours per day. Do you use that rough way of caculation in this aspect too?

Let's cite an example. How much for a page of story-board art is fine to match the rank $15 per hour? What will the number be also to match $15 per hour, if the
category is cover art (per page) or character design (per character)? Thanks.
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